Our Mission

  • We aim to raise the aspirations of all children involved with our BECSLink Community, particularly those from deprived backgrounds, by introducing them to new experiences.

  • The majority of our spoke (partner) schools are in deprived areas and this is consistent with our charitable vision to create opportunities for the most deserving within our community

  • We aim to impact on a minimum of 500 students a year from other schools in the local area

How you can help

Individuals and organisations can support the work of all BECSLink Communities through offering:

  • Outreach Enrichment Activities

  • Apprenticeships

  • Consultancy

  • Mentoring

  • Training

  • Volunteers

  • Work Experience

  • Facilities

  • Funding and Sponsorships

Programme Sponsors can assist with the costs of: transport, supply teacher support, additional resources, prizes and awards and administration costs.

Recognition will be given to sponsors through all written collateral; through the website and through the press and media

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Support our Opportunities Fund

  • Sponsor an Event [£ 1000 per annum]

  • Sponsor an Activity [£ 2000 per annum for 2 years]

  • Co-Sponsor of the BECSLink Community [£ 5000 per annum]

  • Main Sponsor of the BECSLink Community [£ 10,000 per annum for minimum 2 years]

(estimated costs - subject to the actual running costs of our planned events for the year ahead - please see our planned events here and contact us to find out more)