“We are proud to become the first state school accredited as a BECSLink community. This has all been made possible through the vision of BECSLink and my team at our school. BECSLink’s role as the social mobility network, together with their partners from national and local businesses, education charities, and sports and arts organisations are helping us supply outstanding resources and learning opportunities for students and teachers not only from our school, but also from other local schools.”
— Kirsten Heard, Headteacher at Raynes Park High School

Raynes Park High School’s core purpose is to create an inclusive community of successful learners. We are committed to excellence and our mission is to develop resilient, respectful young people who make exceptional progress and achieve their full potential.

As a BECSLink Community Hub Raynes Park High School aims to be:

  • a focal point for a locally united education sector;

  • supported by the expertise and resources of suitable charitable partners; and

  • sponsored by aligned businesses and social investors

Through the development of a network of united schools, our aim is to inspire young people to develop their skills, talents and character through a wide range of activities, to use their curiosity and creativity to find new ways of achieving their potential and to have the confidence, drive and resilience to follow their dreams. We want students to have the opportunity to:

  • Experience the Arts and Culture

  • Experience live sporting events

  • Visit British places/ regions outside their local community

  • Experience cultures and countries outside the UK

  • Be a good neighbour in their local community

  • Gain valuable experience of work

  • Develop their character

  • Make a positive contribution to society

  • Develop lifelong interests

  • Develop skills for life

  • Learn outside the classroom

So far, our extensive enrichment programme has provided over 2300 experiences for students from this school and others around Merton and South-West London.

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Our partners:

“It’s great to see the children engaging in a realm of different things from singing to tennis. It’s all part of creating well rounded individuals and giving opportunities to children who wouldn’t otherwise have them.”
— Crista Cullen MBE, Olympic Gold medal hockey player
“Raynes Park High School BECSLink Community is not only providing the stuff that normally happens in a school but is now providing the opportunities for people to do things outside school hours as well. It is great that BECSLink and The Tim Henman Foundation have got together to support those activities”
— Stephen Hammond, MP for Wimbledon